Must-Watch of the Summer- Wonder Woman

June 6, 2017

By Gabriela Thur de Koos

In the attempt to encourage others to go see this film with the full experience, this review is SPOILER-FREE. Enjoy!

Well, it only took about another 4 months for a movie blog to actually post about a movie. And what better way to kick-off than with one of the greatest superhero movies in history. Patty Jenkins is probably beside herself with the incredible amount of success Wonder Woman is experiencing in its opening weekend alone. Opening weekend is important. It shows how excited people are to watch this movie and how quickly word gets around of its success. Wonder Woman raked in $103.1 million in the United States alone this weekend, shattering records held by previous female directors. Obviously, with a film like this there needs to be an obligatory talk about feminism. And it’s not unwarranted. Not only was Wonder Woman a good superhero movie in general, it also made history is several aspects of the female film industry.


  1. The astonishing amount the film made during opening weekend smashes the previous record of a movie directed by a woman- held by Sam-Taylor Johnson (by over $10 million!)
  2. Patty Jenkins is the first woman to direct a superhero film, particularly one with such a massive budget
  3. The Hollywood Reporter states that Patty Jenkins is the second female to direct any Hollywood live-action film with a budget over $100 million
  4. Wonder Woman is the most successful female-led superhero movie to date

So yes, it’s kind of a big deal. But the best part about the Wonder Woman film is Wonder Woman herself. Not only is she not like most female protagonists in this industry but she’s also not like most superheros that we’ve seen on the silver screen. Sure, they all want justice and to save the world but none of those films emphasize love and compassion as a means to overthrowing the enemy. It sounds cheesy, sure. But it makes for a beautiful film. Not to mention the cinematography itself is beautiful. The aesthetic itself is colorful and vibrant despite all the dingy war settings the characters move through. The fight scenes are brilliantly choreographed. DC films in the past are simply destruction, destruction, destruction. However, every punch, every kick, every leap in this film has purpose and grace. You can see the unity behind Wonder Woman as she charges into battle followed by those she cares about and who care about her. It adds a whole new dimension to the sense of awe you feel watching these scenes.

Honestly, I was so excited for this film, all they needed to do to keep my interest was keep producing some more beautiful posters. It sounds like the most pointless thing. However, if there’s anything that provides a glimpse at the cinematography of this film- its the posters. Also, Gal Gadot. She’s just a beautiful, strong, powerful, amazing, down-to-earth human being. Patty Jenkins is my idol, Gal Gadot is my spirit. Oh my gosh I love them so much.


Overall, it’s a brilliant film- both for the content itself and what it stands for. And if that’s not enough motivation to see it- rotten tomatoes scored it 93% , and I’d consider them pretty tough critics. Maybe it’s worth it to go see what all the fuss is about.



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